"Tex" Gibson/Pushead Tribute © Mike Moore Studios 2022

I became aware of John "Tex" Gibson in the late 70s, early 80s. Until that point I don't remember any other Texans being in the hallowed pages of my bible, Skateboarder Magazine. I was blown away! If this guy from Texas could make it into the mag and be a bad ass...so could I! (I conveniently overlooked the part THAT I SUCKED, but still...dreams!) Fast forward a few years and Gibson is riding for Zorlac, a Texas company, and my all time favorite Pushead (< not an official Brian "Pushead" Schroeder link, but a good collection of his work)  graphic soon followed. I bought that deck at "Let's Go Skate" in ATX. A friend's girlfriend even thought I was a Satanist because of the graphic, which made it even more rad! This is my tribute to both Tex and Pushead.
Have Fun!
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