What skater hasn't wanted his, or her, own model? We've all doodled our dream graphics on something we probably should've been paying more attention to. Was that just me?
Here's a project only a billion years in the making or so.
A buddy sent me this deck years ago. If memory serves, a Daggers/Gibson/Alva Posse tribute by him. 

Another Skate of Mind © Jeff Snavely

Being a Texan, of course I loved the shape and intent...but sorry ol' buddy, needs some new paint.

Midway © Mike Moore Studios 2022

57 years old and I'm still borrowing tools from my dad. Thanks for the loan of the sander dad, I'll bring it home some day...

Nekkid Deck © Mike Moore Studios 2022

And here it is all nekkid. I am hereby stating, confessing, and/or pledging, that if, on my dying day, you ask me, "Do you think natural hard rock maple is one of the sexiest things on this here ol' planet?" I will most assuredly answer, "That's a real weird question to be asking me here on my dying day, but let me gather my last little bits of strength here and ponder...Why yes! Natural Hard Rock Maple IS sexy, as the cool kids say, AF." 

MMS Mock Deck Graphic © Mike Moore Studios

And here's the the final, proposed (I still have to get it approved by the brass...that guy never knows what he wants to do), digital mock up. Still keeping the Zorlac/Gibson/Pushead love going. Now whether I can actually figure out how to get it on the deck remains to be seen. I'm envisioning spray paint and tape or paint pens. Full disclosure...your boy ain't no painter. 
Alrighty, get on with your bad selves...
Have Fun!
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