But I like it. The Rolling Stones debuted this classic tune in 1974 ( I was 9). Around 1978 or '79 Pro Skateboarder Eddie "El Gato" Elquera debuted the Frontside Rock 'n Roll in skateboarding. I remember Eddie saying in an interview in Skateboarder Magazine "It's all about the big toe." Nearly a decade later, while in college, I was skating a ditch in Lubbock, Texas with a friend. I was doing backside Rock 'n Roll boardslides on a super sketchy parking block, every one seemed like a minor victory of sorts. My buddy harassed/shamed me into trying them frontside. I don't know about the rest of you, but at my skill level...way harder. I kept trying, kept not making. At some point he (also a skate nerd who'd memorized every skate magazine ever published) yelled, "It's all about the big toe!" I made the next one, laughing.
In homage to Eddie Elguera I boosted the Hobie Claws logo for the shirt...hopefully no "cease and desist" letter is forthcoming.
Have Fun!
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