Hardtail Hooligans © 2024 Mike Moore Studios

Howdy! Been a minute, but here's something new. Hardtail Hooligans! A new line of Mountain Bike Performance T-Shirts available HERE.
Bikes have been in my life nearly as long and deeply as skateboarding. Rebuilt, but not thoroughly trusted, hips are keeping me off skateboards, but my bike is rarin' to go and I'm on it when it does. (for deeper ruminations on the topic )  Like most doodlers out there, I dig doodling and designing stuff for whatever makes me happy and keeps my daydreams fueled. Being out on my bike is most definitely one of those things.
Hope you dig looking as much as I dug doing.
Have Fun!

Hardtail Hooligans Bone Rattler © Mike Moore Studios 2024

Hardtail Hooligans Knuckles © Mike Moore Studios 2024

Hardtail Hooligans My Tush © Mike Moore Studios 2024

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