"Don't Be Lame" © Mike Moore Studios 2024

That's right, only YOU can prevent childhood lameness! Skate! Get your kids a board if you haven't already, get yourself one while you're at it. The family that skates together, brushes the crusty scabs outta their beds together. Hmmm...not exactly a "Waltons" slice of homeyness...but you get it I reckon. Let everyone know you're down for the cause! You can do your part by donating* at one of these brave humanitarian merchants, here or here. Thank you! Together we can all dream of a less lame future!
Have Fun!

*Please note the word "donating" was used in humor. This will actually just be a normal online business transaction. If it helps ease your mind in any way, all monies taken in will be used 100% for the reduction of lameness.
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