The impetus behind these 3 designs was a "Pets" challenge on Threadless. Essentially the "challenge" is to design some pet themed t-shirts etc., the Threadless "community" votes on your submitted designs, the winners are then pimped by Threadless, fame and fortune surely follow. Or not. Not being a hater, 'cause I didn't "win"...'cause I didn't...just sayin'...well, no, I'm not, 'cause if you can't say anything nice and all that, so I won't. But anyway...
Here's my "Pet" challenge submissions, the clever among you will quickly see. 

Call Me © Mike Moore Studios 2024

People Make Me Nervous © Mike Moore Studios 2024

Neutered © Mike Moore Studios 2024

Run wild & frolic my friends! Wear a spiffy new kitty shirt while you do!
Have Fun!
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